Giving Back



In addition to her work in film, T.V. and theater, Beata pursues her passion for art by making paintings and sculptures. She often works with assembled objects to convey symbolic and surreal content. Her artworks overlay the gestural and choreographic traditions of theater with the symbolic and surreal strategies of painting and sculpture. In her early mask series, she connected an ancient and mythological theatrical device with the surrealism of Man Ray to produce a stunning range of fantastical masks made from feathers and other found objects. Her more recent paintings and sculptures explore the collision of ancient myths and contemporary feminism. By combining imagery reminiscent of surrealist dreamscapes with found objects the works challenge our notions of continuity between past and present.

Pozniak’s work has been exhibited at Don O’Melveny Gallery, Morpheus Gallery, Patricia Correa Gallery, William Turner Gallery, Directors Guild of America, Raleigh Studios, Los Angeles City Hall Bridge Gallery, and the European Gallery in New York.  Most recently Pozniak’s work has been included in the collection of the Cedars Sinai Art Council in Los Angeles.

“…the connection between the range of Beata Pozniak’s artistic/political concerns and the female figure is particularly resonant, given her feminist interests as well as the performative use of her body as an actor. The clarity and layering of the collage/multi-media work is a very rich medium in her hands."
Noriko Gamblin, Art Curator