Giving Back
Directed by Oliver Stone
Kevin Costner  ....        Jim Garrison
Kevin Bacon    ....        Willie O'Keefe
Tommy Lee Jones        Clay Shaw aka Clay Bertrand
Laurie Metcalf  ....        Susie Cox
Beata Pozniak  ....        Marina Oswald
Gary Oldman   ....        Lee Harvey Oswald
Michael Rooker           .Bill Broussard
Sissy Spacek   ....        Liz Garrison
Brian Doyle-Murray     Jack Ruby
Edward Asner  ....        Guy Bannister
Jack Lemmon  ....        Jack Martin
Joe Pesci         ....        David Ferrie
Walter Matthau            Sen. Long
Jim Garrison     ....        Chief Justice Earl Warren
Donald Sutherland       X (Unknown General in black)

Pozniak portrays Marina Oswald, wife of Lee Harvey Oswald (Gary Oldman) in this highly provocative film exploring the investigation by District Attorney Jim Garrison of the Kennedy assassination that won many Oscars and earned Oliver Stone an Oscar nomination for Best Director.

“… Pozniak is an extremely talented actress… unusually perceptive and expressive. Beata is always digging deeper, looking for more. In her efforts to understand her character she became a regular private-eye. Her tremendous commitment and passion was felt not only by the camera, but at all levels of the production. Beata is very bright and dynamic…” Oscar winner, Oliver Stone

“A noted stage and screen performer in her native Poland, Beata Pozniak was looking for a “meaningful” role for her U.S. screen debut. She found one of the most intriguing around, that of Lee Harvey Oswald’s Soviet-born wife Marina in JFK… Pozniak befriended the alleged assassin widow while researching the part. Says the actress: ”I admire her for facing such a tragedy with tremendous dignity.” TIME Magazine

 “It was a role Beata wanted so badly – she went so far as to dress the part for the audition. “I came in as Marina Oswald,” says Pozniak. “and also I sent a picture of me and Marina Oswald, so when the production office received the pictures they couldn’t tell which one was me and which one was Marina. It was so close”. “ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT”

 “…the two claim (Pozniak and Oldman) that the majority of their scenes weren't even written. "When I got the script, nothing was there," says Pozniak, a star in Poland who has appeared in more than 20 foreign films over the past 12 years, in addition to experimental theater and performance-art work in Europe and the US. "It just mentioned that she was Oswald's wife, that was it." Adds Oldman, "For instance, the script would just say, "Lee and Marina have a fight." No lines, no clue as to what they're fighting about. Beata and I would talk to people and sit down together and figure it out, then we'd meet with Oliver and he'd say, "Okay, tell me what this scene's about." It was like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute and free-falling, and trusting that there's a big air bag underneath the clouds to catch you." The actors spent months in Dallas before the movie began, interviewing witnesses and friends and, in Pozniak's case, living with Marina Oswald for two months. "Usually when you work on a film," says Pozniak, "you get the script, you have two or three meetings with a director, and then you shoot it. But this was like working on a theater project, when you get many weeks to work on a script and develop it…" “Double Impact Pozniak-Oldman” – HARPERS BAZAAR

 "Marina gave me this book (Liv Ullman's "Changing"), she explained. "She said it influenced her greatly and I remind her of Liv Ullman. Marina wanted me to have the book so I could benefit from it as well. "Marina Oswald was 23 at the time, and her activities were documented extensively by the press. If Stone's movie is true to history, Pozniak's role is a major one, probably bigger than many of the big-name cameos in the picture. Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Glenn Ford, Tommy Lee Jones, Lolita Davidovich and Sally Kirkland have walk-ons. The main cast also includes Sissy Spacek as Garrison's wife and Bill Murray's brother, Brian Doyle-Murray, as Jack Ruby. Gary Oldman plays Lee Harvey Oswald” DAILY  STAR

 Beata’s American film debut that got her the SAG card! Playing a character like this, happens only once in a lifetime of an actor’s career - a historical figure who is still alive. “And there are as many theories as there are books you can read on the subject”. “So what am I playing?” She asked Stone. Beata lived with the real Marina Oswald, went through the 26 Volumes of Warren Commission Report,           read a lot of books, every single magazine article, and looked at each photograph. The facts she uncovered in her research gets her the top billing among the guest artists in the celebrated cast.