Giving Back
Dir. Beata Pozniak
Story Concept: Syd Field, Beata Pozniak
Editing: Thomas J. Nordberg

“The multitalented Pozniak rapidly intercuts news footage of violence with live models and her own sensual sculptures to express a fierce moral sense.” F.X. Feeney LA WEEKLY

A visual journey, guided by the Mother of memory, through a chaotic world of cruelty and beauty in which art reveals our sense of shared humanity.

The film "Mnemosyne" is based on the ancient poem "Thunder, Perfect Mind" - a visual journey of the human race, exploring where we have been and what we can become. We are taken on this journey through the voice and body of Mnemosyne, Mother of Memory. Mnemosyne (Beata Pozniak) bears witness to the forces of destruction as well as of creation, revealing through art, the multi-dimensionality of women. The film is an homage to power, strength and individualism.

Beata’s film uses a non-traditional approach that juxtaposes emotionally charged images with an intense performance to bring forth cinematic ideas in a new poetic voice. Her technique powerfully engages the viewer by combining rich visual symbolism with a precise selection of images from expressive pieces of her own sculptures and paintings. Beata has been compared to Cocteau, who conveyed images by rediscovering the magical in the real. Her work has also been likened to Bunuel, by virtue of its surrealism, and emphasis on the inner potency of an image as distinct from its form.