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Women’s Day USA

LogoWDUSA – Women’s Day USA - is an educational organization founded by Beata that is dedicated to raising awareness of women’s achievements and their struggles for equality. Beata led efforts resulting in the very first bill passed by the US Congress and Senate officially recognizing International Women's Day - H.J.316. MORE:

…” She (Beata) is not only a wonderful actor, she is also a terrific producer. And someone who understands her duty as a woman, to give back and that is what each of us had a duty to do. The same way Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton gave back, it took 72 years for thousands of women to organize, to fight, to win the right to vote in this country. And we still do not have the passage of The Equal Rights amendment. Even since 1920 we have been trying to win the addition of the Equal Rights amendment to the U.S. Constitution. We still have not won that battle. But Beata knows it is not enough to be a successful actor, it is not enough to be a successful producer, it is important to also recognize her duty as a woman, to give back to other women, to value other women, and to improve the status of other women. And I am proud of each one of you for coming tonight and standing for women, to improve their condition in life and it's my pleasure to introduce Beata Pozniak, one of my personal heroes".
Gloria Allred
, attorney (Speech, The Museum of Tolerance)

Beata with Congreswoman Maxine WatersBeata with Congreswoman Maxine Waters


"I appreciate your work initiating the project and your active involvement in making this day a larger part of our nation's support of women here and around the world.  Thank you Beata for keeping this day alive in our nation."
Congresswoman Maxine Waters

"Before forming Women’s Day USA Beata single-handedly launched a campaign which resulted in the very first bill passed by the US Congress and Senate in the history of the United States officially recognizing historic International Women's Day - H.J. Resolution 316.  It's exciting to share a real American story: positive contribution of an immigrant.  She is it."
George Spiro Dibie, ASC.
Former National President of International Cinematographers Guild

“Beata Pozniak is to be applauded for her passion and persistence in seeking greater recognition for International Women's Day."
Sarah Pillsbury, producer,
"Desperately Seeking Susan", "Rivers Edge",
"How to make the American Quilt?",
"Eight Men Out"



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