Giving Back


"In Poland my films were put on shelves and my own projects not permitted" says Beata Pozniak. A.F.I. recently invited her to talk about her work with director Andrzej Wajda in Chronicle of a Love Affair, but she had never seen it herself. Now that Beata lives in Los Angeles (which she likens to "another planet"), she looks forward to artistic freedom: "I came to America to stretch and grow as an actress and a woman. I feel they make the best movies here." Beata (pronounced beahta) left star status in Poland to come to the U.S., and brings with her the classical training (at the school Polanski graduated from in Lodz) that actors go through: "In Poland to be an actress takes a degree in theater that certifies five years of study." In addition to being an actress, Beata was a medal winning athlete in Poland, in judo, karate, fencing and running. "I was always playing football (soccer) in my ripped jeans and tee-shirts,", she says. But she immediately loved the Holly Sharp dresses she tried on for this shoot. "When I put on these clothes I feel feminine and sexy, " she says. "I've decided to really get into dressing this way more often."

Holly Sharp's fashion is to the point: "Be fierce, be current...Be bold...Work hard...Love life...And, of course...Look Sharp. "Born and raised in Newport Beach, Holly says she's "inspired by early Hollywood glamour", as well as dance and art. She names Ginger Rogers, Cyd Charisse, Fred Astaire, and Ray Bolger as inspirations. "I believe in the fifties post-war fashion picture: hat, gloves. Matching belt, shoes and purse. Crisp silhouettes and a clean hair line. I feel the modern woman has become to practical, too casual about her image."

Pictured here at the club Stock Exchange, a planet away from Warsaw, Beata reclines in Holly's "Diva" dress: black cotton, wool and lycra bodice and cummerbund, and rose silk and cotton skirt.

MOVIELINE- Issue 79, by Darlen Der Hoop
Photo: Karen Filter. Hair, makeup and styling: Juan of Umberto's Beverly Hills


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