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BEATA POZNIAK-Peripatetic Pole

BOOK Logo"I come from a country that promoted experimental and traditional drama technique, but censored creative freedom," says Beata Pozniak.

It's to difficult to imagine anything short of a full-blown police state stopping this multifaceted stunningly beautiful native of Gdansk from accomplishing whatever she chooses in the arts. A classically trained painter sculptor and dancer with an MFA from the Film TV and Theater University in Lodz, Beata learned her acting craft according to the gospel of StanislawsBeata in La Times Magazineki and Boleslawski going on to star in many Polish stage film and television productions as well as an unprecedented two-year Warsaw run of Alan Ayckbourn's "How The Other Half Loves." But it was her attraction to experimental theater inspired by the "collaborators of Grotowski" that eventually led her to Los Angeles in search of that elusive crealive freedom. Upon her arrival she promptly founded Theater Discordia an iconoclastic performance group dedicated lo "rediscovering the archetypes " using poetry, dreams, fairytales humor, music and dance to disrupt and challenge the audience's intellectual conventions at every turn. Between Discordia performances Beata has once again turned her attention to film, recently returning to her homeland to star in noted Polish director Jerzy Skolimowski's "Thirty Door Key" then coming back to play Marina Oswald in Oliver Stone's JFK. As for the artistic freedom once denied her in Poland - has she found it here? "I'd rather not say" she answers with an ironic little laugh. The smart money says that if she doesn't find it she'll certainly find a way to create it.

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