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Theatre Discordia was an experimental theater group created by Beata for which she wrote, directed and performed in a variety of performance art pieces.  Shows created by Theatre Discordia (1989-1992) included:

Gallery Theater, LA

Raleigh Studios, LA

Raleigh Studios, LA Poetry Festival

Theatre-Theater, LA Festival

Heliotrope Theatre, LA

Theatre Discordia, LA

“Forming the battalion out of letters they walked proudly armed with metaphors of progress...  poetry in chaos...  poetry in motion …   Poetry Discordia”

  “I’m inspired by the ‘discord of the world’ in which I see a uniquely 20th-century style that declares anything goes and anything is possible.”
Beata Pozniak

 The Magic Of Theatre Discordia

“Actress Beata Pozniak takes a different approach to poetry readings, which can sometimes be stagnant self-obsessive affairs. "I wanted to experiment with word-play and fun like Beckett, lonesco and Witkacy " the lovely redhead explains. "A poem could become the juggling of bricks, four-part harmony of hollering aerobic dancers or a live pigeon flapping suddenly out of a coat collar. Her "Theatre Discordia" combines dance, nostalgic and visual projections that accentuate or contrast spoken word in an entertaining blend of performance art and theatre”.

Village View

 “…Pozniak’s current passion is her performance group, Theatre Discordia. Through her research into poetry, fairytales, dreams, children's stories and "rediscovering the archetypes, Pozniak stages productions that transcend performance-art-as panderism to the "intellectual" crowd. There is an element of humor, the laughter of recognition" - a brilliant juxtaposition of the hilarious and the pedantic”.

 Theatre Discordia is a hybrid mixture of poetry reading, performance art, and circus antics. When THEATRE DISCORDIA lurches onto the stage one never knows whether one will be faced by a gospel singer in curlers, a street corner hot dog hawker in drag, or simply a projection of a tree.  In the hands and words of Beata Pozniak... “A poem could become the juggling of bricks, four part harmony of hollering aerobicizers or a live pigeon suddenly flapping out of a coat collar.”   With a talented troupe of performers and an ANYTHING GOES attitude, Beata stages scenarios ranging from the stark and beautiful to the nightmarish and madcap.

  She draws upon seventeen years of acting experience including nearly twenty European film and TV projects and a MFA degree in Drama, yet at times Beata’s inspiration is more likely a fairy tale than a scholarly theory.  The adventure of Theatre Discordia served up “Poetry Discordia”, a goulash of  poetry, Chinese Proverbs and recycled sitcom scripts reincarnated to the tune of the star spangled banner.

“…it was her attraction to experimental theater inspired by the "collaborators of Grotowski" that eventually led her to Los Angeles in search of that elusive creative freedom. Upon her arrival she promptly founded Theater Discordia an iconoclastic performance group dedicated lo "rediscovering the archetypes " using poetry, dreams, fairytales humor, music and dance to disrupt and challenge the audience's intellectual conventions at every turn”. THE BOOK

“Performance Art Show, LA Festival.  Building on the success of Poeticus Umbilicus, Beata and her company again use poetry to create a dazzling multimedia spectacle through the marriage of performance, music and sound, and visual wizardry. Armed with lasers, flashlights, megaphones, and dead bodies, “The Return of Umbilicus” presents a goulash of contemporary poetry, Chinese proverbs and tales of Umbilicus in this triumphant return to Los Angeles. “The Return of Umbilicus” is the newest incarnation of Theatre Discordia which, in addition to Pozniak, includes a rap artist, an opera singer, and a deaf actress interpreting poetry through movement”. Village View

Beata finds immigrant published poets from all over the world that immigrated to Los Angeles. In the theatrical piece you experience writings that are banned in their home countries as well as new works inspired by their American experiences. “Many artist immigrants come to the United States because of censorship. This is a common experience that rarely shares the same stage,” Pozniak says. “This show will explore that territory, sometimes in a very abstract way.”

 "For me," Beata explains, "Discordia means looking to the renaissance, the baroque, the medieval periods, rediscovering archetypes, and seeing how all of that mixes together in a world in which anything can happen."
BUZZ Magazine

 Beata founded THEATER DISCORDIA, a dynamic performance group which integrates video and slide projections, live music and dance with jarring juxtapositions of sexual provocation and fairy tales, ribald comedy and terrifying existential truths, absurdist theory, and Buddhist koans to produce awe - filled experiences celebrating the diversity and mystery of life.

“Best poetry reading in Los Angeles” L.A. WEEKLY