One of Beata’s first experiences being on a film set was The Tin Drum (“Blaszany Bebenek” by Gunther Grass), shot in Beata’s hometown - Gdansk, Poland. One day while looking through her window a scene was shot on her street. She immediately ran out of the house to find director Volker Schlondorff and begged if she could be an extra. Beata’s Mother thought it’ll finish after 2-3 days...”another little girl’s fantasy”... But then many weeks later Beata would still wake up at dawn and couldn’t wait to be on the set and since  she was a minor...  Beata’s Mother had to also join as an extra...


Audience Award - one woman show  “Listy do Pani Z” (“Letters to Mrs. Z”) by Kazimierz Brandys.

Wins 1st Prize in Poland in a dancing contest - Ogolnopolski Przeglad Tanca Nowoczesnego.



Birth of Solidarity “Solidarnosc” in her hometown, Gdansk spearheaded by Lech Walesa. The country is on strike. Stageplays, art, films are being experienced for the first time as  freedom of expression. Beata goes everyday to the shipyards to support the striking workers and hands out (through the bars) homemade food that her Mother prepares. One day she sees a man with a camera interviewing passerby’s in front of the Shipyard. Trying to be cautious, she stands behind the people being interviewed in case they are filming some propaganda... A year later she finds out it was Wajda’s film “MAN OF IRON”. She was later astonished to see herself in a scene listening to the people talking about the current political situation. Coincidentally, when she later became a professional actress, she had the opportunity to work with Andrzej Wajda.



“KAMIL KURANT’S LIFE”, Zycie Kamila Kuranta  (Todzia), Dir.Grzegorz Warchol,  (with Krzysztof Pieczynski) TV Series based on a known polish novel “Wspolny pokoj”  by Z. Unilowski.  Director Wojciech Hass made a feature film based on the book with Beata Tyszkiewicz starring as Todzia. Years later,  in the new adaptation,  Beata  Pozniak won the role of Todzia (Kamil’s girlfriend).  In the middle of production filming is stopped. Martial Law is imposed by the Communist Government in all of Poland (nearly 2 years later the series manage to air on National Polish Television). Soldiers, tanks are lined up for miles on streets of Poland. Curfew, food coupons are in effect.




VATZLAV”, S. Mrozek, Wybrzeze Theater, Gdansk, Poland

Beata’s stage debut with  renowned actor, Jerzy KiszkisKiszkis, who played the role of Vatzlav, had just been released from jail because of his Solidarity involvement, (martial law was still in effect).  Beata played a character named Justine, symbol of Justice, (so symbolic for those times). Censors were present during rehearsals telling the actors what they can say or do while performing on stage.  Teresa Izewska, her co-star and heroine from Andrzej Wajda’s film “Kanal”, commits suicide a day before the premiere.

“THE GERMANS”, “Niemcy” Leon  Kruczkowski, Wybrzeze Theater, Gdansk, Poland



“PAN DAMAZY”, (“MR. DAMAZY”) S. Blizinski, (Helenka), Wybrzeze Theater, Gdansk, Dir.Jerzy Afanasjew.

Beata was thrilled to work with theater director Jerzy Afanasjew, creator of Bim Bom   Theater -Teatrzyk Bim Bom, an avant-garde, experimental performance group known for breaking the rules of the conventional theatre.  His surreal approach to a classical play “Pan Damazy” was selected to commemorate the 500 year Anniversary of city of Sopot and as a tribute to legendary polish actor - Tadeusz Gwiazdowski, (Beata’s stage father). He died shortly thereafter.

After seeing Beata’s screen performance in Zycie Kamila Kuranta the director of The Contemporary Theater in Warsaw makes her an offer to join the company - one of the most prestigious Repertory companies in Poland. In those days he was the only theater director who was not appointed by the  Communist Government. Beata had a problem however – she could not work in Warsaw in those days without a resident permit. Beata convinces the influential Solidarity priest Father Jerzy Popieluszko to arrange for her residence permit. He arranges for her to live on infamous Mila Street (former Jewish Getto). Thanks to this Beata’s debuts in an Alan  Ayckbourn comedy  “HOW THE OTHER HALF LOVES”,Jak sie kochaja,  as Mary Featherstone opposite a stellar cast: Wieslaw Michnikowski, Czeslaw Wollejko, Zofia Kucowna, Krzysztof Kowalewski and Marta Lipinska. In those times of political theater it was a surprise to everyone that this comedy turned out to be the biggest hit in the history of Polish Theater (see reviews). Ticket lines were formed at 5AM and scalpers peddled the tickets at exorbitant black market prices. Beata gained 26 pounds to play the part. She played that character for two years.

“SZCZESLIWY BRZEG” (“LUCKY COAST”), (with Jerzy Binczycki, Stanislawa Celinska, Wojciech Pokora) Film made for TV, dir. Andrzej Konic. Beata was offered to play a role of Pola - an energetic, strong and  passionate student who is excited that the Merchant Marine School  has begun to accept women into the program to become Captains. While eagerly preparing for entrance exams she meets a real captain who is planning to retire. As they are getting to know each other the Captain (Jerzy Binczycki)  finds that he can relate to her more than his own daughter.  He calls her his “Lucky Coast”...



“NIECH NO TYLKO ZAKWITNA JABLONIE”, “LET THE APPLE TREES BLOSSOM”.  Musical by Agnieszka  Osiecka,  Dir. Krzysztof Zaleski. Beata portrays characters from two generations: a mother “Suzanna the Virgin”, and then her daughter “Kasia Traktorzystka” in Wspolczesny Theater with Wojciech Michnikowski, Wojciech Wysocki, Adam Ferency,  Krzysztof Kolberger, Pola Raksa. The play spans from the 1920’s to the present. This marks Beata’s solo singing debut. She was very fortunate to work with an orchestra under the direction of Wojciech Gluch. RECENZJA “Teatr”.


"MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM”, Wspolczesny Theater, Warsaw

“PASTORALKA”, L. SCHILLER, Wspolczesny Theater,  Warsaw

“I DIED TO LIVE”, Umarlem aby Zyc , film made for TV, Dir. Stanislaw Jedryka

“SNOW WHITE”, Krolowa sniegu,  film made for TV, Dir. Barbara Borys-Damiecka


“THE RAIN”, “Deszcz”, by K.I. Galczynski, is a musical specially made for TV, Dir.    Barbara Borys-Damiecka. A very romantic approach to singing the poetry of one of the most well known Polish poets. By public demand the program was repeated several times in a few months period.

Beata’s supporter Father Popieluszko is murdered. Life is very unpredictable in Poland. She thinks about leaving the country and asks her mentor director Andrzej Wajda for advice and help to write a recommendation letter.



“ROZRYWKA PO STAROPOLSKU”, “Entertainment of Medieval Times”, Dir. Wojciech Pokora. A musical variety show made for TV. A Broadway-esque production conveying Polish Medieval times. Performances in old verse - recorded live in a film studio. Very unique in presentation and style. Educational and funny. Beautiful costumes. It was interesting to see dinner scenes (empty tables) shot in times when Poland was famous for enjoying extravagant food and drinks... ironically this project was shot when food coupons    were still in effect.


HAMLET ”, Hamlet we wsi Glucha Dolna  , by Ivo Bresan, Dir. Olga Lipinska. Beata plays Ophelia. “Hamlet” was censored and put on shelves for many years for it’s political content. Beata saw it for the first time in the United States (after Lech Walesa became the President of Poland) many years later. These were her last projects before leaving for America.


Beata starts working with Oscar winner Andrzej Wajda on “A CHRONICLE OF  LOVE  AFFAIRS”, Kronica Wypadkow Milosnych,.


Beata is selected to be the calendar girl for the Polish National Soccer Team.




“VIE EN IMAGES”,”Life in Pictures” as Alice Eber, (docudrama), Dir. Bozena Garus, Film Festival Award in France

Life story of Alicja Eber, daughter of a well know Rabbi in Poland who was jailed for helping Jewish people. While escaping to Italy she became one of the most sought after artists. The film was shot in Italy with the most famous art critics and the former Mayor of Rome. Originally, actress Monica Vitti agreed to play Alicja since in real life they were good friends. A few days before shooting while Vitti was performing on stage in Teatro Elizeo she found out that her house was on fire.  She was too devastated to work on anything after that.  The director who brought her crew from Poland to Rome was at a loss. She found Beata in New York  and asked for help. She rewrote the part for Beata overnight.  During her lifetime, Alicja Eber had corresponded with the Pope,  and he subsequently allowed the filmmakers to do their post-production at the Vatican.



1988  “THE SHOEMAKERS”, Odyssey Theater. Within two weeks of moving to LA gets hired by director Kazimierz Braun to play the female lead in a political Witkacy play.

“WHITE IN BAD LIGHT”, short, Dir. Fu Ding Cheng.

THEATRE DISCORDIA - Founding Director, Artistic Director, 1989 - Present

Theatre Discordia is a hybrid mixture of poetry reading, performance art, and circus antics.  When THEATRE DISCORDIA lurches onto the stage one never knows whether one will be faced by a gospel singer in curlers, a street corner hot dog hawker in drag, or simply a projection of a tree.  In the hands and words of Beata Pozniak... “A  “poem” could become the juggling of bricks, four part harmony of hollering aerobicizers or a live pigeon suddenly flapping out of a coat collar.”   With a talented troupe of performers and an ANYTHING GOES attitude, Beata stages scenarios ranging from the stark and beautiful to the nightmarish and madcap.

She draws upon seventeen years of acting experience including nearly twenty European film and TV projects and a MFA degree in Drama, yet at times Beata’s inspiration is more likely a fairy tale than a scholarly theory. The  adventure of Theatre Discordia served up “Poetry Discordia”,  a goulash of  poetry, Chinese Proverbs and recycled sitcom scripts reincarnated to the tune of the star spangled banner. Other plays written and directed by Pozniak were “Poeticus Umbilicus”, “Immigration and the American Experience”,  “Changing Flags”, “Return of Umbilicus”,  and “We & They”.

More than a fad says Pozniak,Theatre Discordia is a musical response to social disharmony. And it’s a free country.  I don’t  force people to listen”.

Created, Directed, Produced “POETRY DISCORDIA”, Theatre Discordia, LA

Pozniak continues to play and experiment with sounds, rhythm, words etc. : “Forming the battalion out of letters they walked proudly armed with metaphors of progress... poetry in chaos... poetry in motion ..Poetry Discordia”.

“VOICES FROM THE CAULDRON” (Actress, Co-writer, Co-Director, Co-Producer) -Bruchion Theater, re-discovering archetypes.

"TROUBLE ME” (Asst. Director) - music video for Natalie Merchant (10,000 Maniacs)





“THIRTY DOOR KEY”, Dir. Jerzy Skolimowski., (Robert Stephens, Crispin Glover)

“RAMONA”, Dir. Jonathan  Sarno

“A FIRE WAS BURNING”, Igloo Theater, LA (Lucinda, a Harley Davidson Girl)

Wrote, Directed, Produced “POETICUS UMBILICUS” - Heliotrope Theater, LA

A dazzling multimedia spectacle. Beata uses poetry combined with performance, music, sound and visual wizardry in creating a captivating evening of cutting edge entertainment. Pozniak says “When the lights go up, the audience may be faced with a gospel singer in curlers, a straightforward staged reading of an “I Love Lucy” episode, or simply a projection of a talking tree.”

Wrote, Directed, Produced, “RETURN OF UMBILICUS” - Theatre-Theater, LA

Performance Art Show, LA Festival.  Building on the success of Poeticus Umbilicus, Beata and her company again use poetry to create a dazzling multimedia spectacle through the marriage of performance, music and sound, and visual wizardry. Armed with lasers, flashlights, megaphones, and dead bodies, “The Return of Umbilicus” presents a goulash of contemporary poetry, Chinese proverbs and tales of Umbilicus in this triumphant return to Los Angeles. “The Return of Umbilicus” is the newest incarnation of Theatre Discordia which, in addition to Pozniak, includes a rap artist, an opera singer, and a deaf actress interpreting poetry through movement.



“JFK”, as Marina Oswald (Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman, Sissy Spacek, Joe Pesci), Warner Bros., Dir. Oliver Stone

Beata’s American film debut that got her the SAG card! Playing a character like this, happens only once in a lifetime of an actor’s career - a historical figure who is still alive. “And there are as many theories as there are books you can read on the subject”. “So what am I playing?” She asked Stone. Beata lived with the real Marina Oswald, went through the 26 Volumes of Warren Commission Report, read a lot of books, every single magazine article, and looked at each graph. The facts she uncovered in her research gets her the top billing among the guest artists in the celebrated cast. Judge Jim Garrison said: “if this girl ever needed a job as my Assistant District Attorney - she has it!”

“YOUNG INDIANA JONES, PETROGRAD - 1917”, (Sean Patrick Flannery ), Dir. Simon Wincer, Prod. George Lucas

Big breakthrough in American TV. Almost every episode had at least a few scenes with subtitles in nearly every language in the world (on National TV unheard of! ). Very educational. The schools in the US were given a study guide on all the international historical figures and facts from the show.

Beata plays a student leader that wants to overthrow the Russian government.

Created, directed and produced “IMMIGRATION AND THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE - Raleigh Studios, (special appearance by Peter Sellars) LA Poetry Festival, Theatre Discordia. Beata finds immigrant published poets from all over the world that immigrated to Los Angeles. In the theatrical piece you experience writings that are banned in their home countries as well as new works inspired by their American experiences. “Many artist immigrants come to the United States because of  censorship. This is a common experience that rarely shares the same stage,” Pozniak says. “This show will explore that territory, sometimes in a very abstract way.”



“MAD ABOUT YOU”, “Maid About You”, (Helen Hunt, Paul Reiser), Prod. Danny    Jacobson, NBC, Dir. Barnet Kellman. As the title indicates - an artist Masha falls in love with Paul’s character and moves in as a Maid. Beata is Maid about Paul.

“WILD PALMS”, (Jim Belushi, Dana Delaney, Angie Dickinson), Dir. Keith Gordon,   Peter Hewitt. Prod. Oliver Stone

“AT NIGHT THE SUN SHINES”, b&w short, Supervising Prod. Robert Wise, Dir. G. Real.

City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department, Panelist, 1992-April 95, LA riots, curfew, Rodney King. Beata serves on the Committee to distribute city funds to people and organizations in need.

Celebrity Presenter, IFP (Independent Feature Project West) "Independent Spirit Awards", Best Foreign Picture                    


1992 - 1995  

GREAT WRITERS SERIES, Met Theater, LA, (Dana Delaney, Helen Hunt, Bill Pullman, Tim Curry ). Prod. Darrel Larson, KCRW. Reading poetry, short stories live for KCRW public radio. Very unique idea and well received.

Directed, produced "WE & THEY”, (Reidar Johnsson, writer “My Life as a Dog”, James Ragan, Pulitzer nominee), Gallery Theater, Theatre Discordia

Pozniak says: “I’m inspired by the ‘discord of the world’ in which I see a uniquely 20th-century style that declares anything goes and anything is possible.”

Created, directed and produced “CHANGING FLAGS”, Raleigh Studios, LA, Prod.   Theatre Discordia, sponsored in part by the City Cultural Affairs Department.

Beata creates an experimental piece that combines poetry, dance and performance art by émigré poets expressing what it is to be in exile.



MELROSE PLACE”, (Heather Locklear), Fox TV, semi-reg, Prod. Aaron Spelling. Beata’s portrayal of Dr. Katya Fielding becomes controversial: a straight, beautiful, intelligent woman marries a gay man.   Storyline was well received and was reputed to be the first TV drama series that touched upon this issue.

Appointed as Chair of Women in Film International - a non-profit organization which supports and promotes professional women in the entertainment industry. WIF has over 4,000 members in Los Angeles and is represented with 20 autonomous chapters    representing 20,000 women worldwide.

Group Show, Los Angeles City Hall Bridge Gallery, Time Capsule for the 21st Century 2093

Produced, created ‘INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY’ First Annual Award Show, Raleigh Studios with 100 year old artist Beatrice Woods, Le Ly Hayslip -life story “Heaven o Earth” dir. Oliver Stone, actress, Beah Richards, Oscar nominee “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”.     

Women's Day - USA !

As a personal project, I have been working for the recognition of International Women's Day in the United States since 1991. For over 95 years, Women's Day - March 8th of every year - has been observed all over the world, but has yet to be officially endorsed by the U.S. government. After working with Congresswoman Maxine Waters for years, for the first time in U.S. history a bill commemorating International Woman's Day was introduced in both Houses (H.J.316) - and it finally passed in 1994. The following year on March 8, the First Lady, Hillary Clinton went to Copenhagen (the city where the very first passage of an IWD Bill was recorded) to speak about women’s rights. It was the first time ever that a First Lady would represent the country and show support of International Women’s Day.

For over eight decades, Women's Day has focused attention on the cultural, social, and economic diversity of women's lives. The first official International Women's Day was formed in Copenhagen on March 8th 1913 - a time when women were not allowed to study, work outside the home, belong to libraries, or join unions - the holiday was conceived to aid the international movement for women's suffrage, and more generally to raise awareness of women's struggles for equality. Today, International Women's Day is celebrated in most developed countries, filled with special celebrations, activities for schoolchildren, flowers and tributes to women.

I created an annual event to promote the idea of Women’s Day. Symbolically on one day, women come together, undivided by ethnic, cultural, linguistic, economic and political backgrounds, to celebrate a tradition that has been honored all over the world for over eighty years.

"Where We Have Been and What We Can Become..." is the theme for the annual celebration on March 8th. There is be a tribute to women worldwide which includes musical performances, readings from literature, poetry and politics honoring extraordinary women. We focus on human rights issues expressed by entertainers and political leaders. The day highlights the many ways in which women overcame personal obstacles achieving success in their individual fields including medicine, business, sports, music, film, etc.

I have been working on Women’s Day for nearly 10 years by getting a bill passed and finding many great women, true pioneers that do remarkable things who deserve to be honored. But I hope that one day we don’t need to designate a Woman’s Day because there will be so much equality in the world and women and men will be able to celebrate their achievement’s together. And maybe we’ll have just a People Day!"

I would be delighted and honored if you would join me in celebrating and promoting International Women's Day , March 8.

Beata Pozniak




"HEAVEN”S TEARS", Dir. L. Simandl. Playing a Nazi was a challenge. Researching historical material, and interviewing war survivors was an emotional experience. Leni Refenstahl’s books and films added great insight to the character.

"PSYCHIC DETECTIVE", VG. Colossal Pictures, Electronic Arts, Dir. John Sanborn. Laina Pozok (Beata’s character) is a psychic, but one day loses her powers.  She encounters a psychic block and hires a man to help her “feel” again, as well as “see” through people and incidents.  During their journey they do “mind hopping” with anyone they come across. This is the first CD-ROM screened as a feature film in a  film festival (Mill Valley, followed by showings at Sundance and Berlin film festivals).

"A MOTHER'S GIFT", (Nancy McKeon), CBS - MOW, Prod. Robert Halmi Jr.,

A story of three families sharing life together during President Lincoln’s era. It’s a rare opportunity to work on a character who ages 95 years.

Beata led efforts resulting in the very first bill passed by the US Congress and Senate officially recognizing International Women's Day - H.J.316.

Produced 2nd Annual ‘INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY’, Director’s Guild of America, Mustapha Akkad, producer of Lion in the Desert · Akosua Busia, artist, screenwriter “Beloved” and actress, The Color Purple · Julie Carmen, actress, Milagro Bean Field War · Jan Chapman, producer, The Piano · Doris Leader Charge, actress and translator of Dances With Wolves · Betty Friedan, activist and author, The Feminine Mystique · Tiana Thi Tranh Nga, creator, From Hollywood to Hanoi · Barbara Trent, Oscar winner, Panama Deception · Stevie Wonder, musician/composer



The Firebird Awards - celebrity presenter (winner Paul Maslansky

Produced 3rd Annual ‘INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY’ The Writer’s Guild, Nenad Bach, film composer · Lydia Brazon, Executive Director, Humanitarian Law Project, Tantoo Cardinal, actress, Dances With Wolves ·Tippi Hedren, actress, The Birds, Dolores Huerta, co-founder, United Farm Workers · Miranda Richardson, actress · Olivia Schwartz, educator, co-founder, Children of Chernobyl · Anna Deavere Smith, professor, writer, performer, Twilight:  Los Angeles, 1992 · Robin Swicord, screenwriter, co-producer, Little Women




"JAG", (David Elliot), Prod. Don Bellisario, Paramount TV Series, Dir. Raymond Austin

Unique storyline: a love relationship between an Israeli Agent and an African-American officer.


Directed "MEAT", by Alex Drenman, Bing Theater, Los Angeles, selected for The Fifteenth One - Act play Festival.

Produced 4th Annual ‘INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY’ Finnish Consul’s residence, Lumi Cavazos and Marco Leonardi, actors, Like Water for Chocolate. Fusia Podgorska, saved 13 people from holocaust, Fay Kanin, President Motion Picture and Film Academy.

One Woman Show, Masks of Discord, Raleigh Studios

Group Show, Desmond Gallery, Los Angeles



“DARK SKIES”,  ( J.T.Walsh) Columbia, NBC, Dir. Michael Levine.

“ENEMY ACTION”, (C.T. Howell, Richard Lynch), Concorde Pictures, Dir. Brian Katkin. To shoot an action feature in 19 days... burning helicopters, crashing cars is a true   adventure.

 Produced the 5th Annual ‘INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY’ Museum of Tolerance, Alison Anders, writer/director, Gas, Food & Lodging · Brenda Blethyn, actress, Secrets &  Lies · Rose Freedman, 105 year-old survivor of the Triangle Shirt Waist Co. fire · Irene Opdyke, saved many Jewish lives during WWII · Marcy Polier, founder of Entertainment Data, Inc. · Mitsuye Yamada, writer, survivor of Idaho concentration camp

Beata receives a recognition from Mayor Riordan ( with him and TEXT)

“END OF THE WORLD”, (Bob Wisdom), Dir. Lori Fontanes

“PENSACOLA”, (James Brolin) CBS, Dir.James Contner

“BABYLON 5”, (Bruce Boxleitner), FOX, Dir. Tony Dow

 Warner Bros. makes trading cards on the popular character of President Suzanna Luchenko - the first female President of the World. EMMY campaign in Daily Variety.

“TRANSIT HEIMAT”, ( Mrs. Davidovich),  Goethe Institute, LA, Dir. Louis Fantasia

Group Show, “Artists for Tom Hayden”, William Turner Gallery, Los Angeles

“Art From the Heart”, Group Show, Directors Guild of America



Beata becomes Founder and President  of Women’s Day USA, the non-profit, non-partisan organization. Board members include: Producer Sarah Pillsbury, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Gloria Allred, Gloria Steinem, Holly Hunter, Gale Anne Hurd, Peter Dekom, and George Spiro Dibie, ASC as Vice President

Celebrity Presenter, International Humanitarian Awards - posthumously to Audrey Hepburn. (LINK: USA TODAY) Other Awardees: Martin Scorsese, Jim Sheridan, Robert Wise etc. Presenters: Nicolas Cage, Shelly Winters.

Group Shows: Patricia Correa Gallery, Four Seasons Hotel, Turner Gallery - many pieces were auctioned for The Chase Foundation, Women In Film, Women’s Day USA  and other charities, political campaigns, (group shows included Dennis Hopper, Robert Graham, etc).

Produced 6th Annual ‘INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY’ Director’s Guild of America,  Actress Diane Lane, First female Prime Minister of Canada Kim Campbell, human rights activist Soraya Mire, actress Shirley Knight - hosted by Access Hollywood NBC Giselle Fernandez.



“BABYLON 5 - INTO THE FIRE”, video game, Dir. Janet Greek

Exhibit with Andy Warchol, Dennis Hopper, Robert Graham, Todd Gray, Sam Francis, Frank Gehry, Keith Haring, John Baldessari, George Hurrell, R.B.Kitaj, Ed Moses, Jean-Michel Basquiat etc. The LA County Museum curator puts together top artists work to be auctioned for The Chase Foundation. “What an honor to be included among the cream of the crop in the art world and at the same time so humbling to be able to contribute to a children’s hospital” - says Beata.

“SUGAR HILL” (Charlie Sheen, Joe Pantoliano), Dreamworks.

Produced 7th Annual ‘INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY’, Tiffany Theater, hosted by      author of “Unstoppable” Cynthia Kersey with actor Paul Sorvino, Donzaleigh Abernathy, actress in "Any Day Now", author, speaker and daughter of Reverend Dr. Ralph Abernathy, Dyan Cannon, actress, Ron Maxwell, director of "Gettysburg", actress Brenda Blethyn.

“SCHOOL IN HIGH HEELS” (“Klasa na obcasach”- TV series Poland)

Yes, you guessed - Beata plays the “Heels”...



Mistress of Ceremonies - Women’s Leadership Awards, The Entertainment Museum,   Hollywood


Morpheus Gallery - “Surrealism X 3” - exhibit, Los Angeles

European Gallery - “Works on paper”, New York

2001 Directed, wrote, produced a short film “ONE”